AE Trailer Balls
AF April’s Can & Pump Spray Air Fresheners
AP Alpex Electric & Air Horns
BA Battery Testing Instruments
BB Battery Terminals, Cables & Accessories
BY Work Lights
BZ Blitz Funnels, Pans & Gas Cans
CF Car Freshener Little Tree Air Freshener
DD Det. Design Squeegee, Sponges, Cup Holder
FA USA Flags, Stickers, Air Fresheners
FM MAG MATS Floor Mats
GI Gila Window Film
GV Gloves-Nitrile, Latex & Work
GR Wheel Accessories / Wheel Studs
KC Kool Cushion Seat Cushions
LF License Plate Frames
LU Plews Grease Guns & Hoses
ME Medo Air Fresheners
MI Milton Air line Acc, Tire Valves, Caps, Gages
NO Northeastern Cords & Booster Cables
PR Performance Tools
RO Rol Muffler Clamps
SM SM Arnold Chamois, Towels & Brushes
SS Safety Seal Tire Repair
TP Tape It Automotive & Household Tapes
VE Vector Tools
VI Victor Bulbs, Fuses, Mirrors, Tire ACC. & More
XS Xtra Seal Tire Repair Products

Appearance Chemicals

AR Armorall Vinyl Protectant
BC Blue Coral / Westleys Bleche White Tire Spray
KI Kit Car Wax & Wash
M0 Mothers Wax and Protectants
M1 Magmotive Car Wash & Protectant
NR North American Black Jack & Turbo 108
NT No Touch Tire Foam
RB Rally Wax, Rain Dance, Tanners & No. 7
RX Rain-X invisible Windshield Wiper
TU Turtle Wax, Zip Wax, Formula 2001 Protectant

Antifreeze and Radiator Additives

EV Everstar Radiator Additive & Windshield Wash
FR Freezetone Radiator Additive
M1 Magmotive Radiator Additive
PD Pride 500 Anti-Freeze Coolant
PE Peak Anti-Freeze Coolant
SH Shellzone & Weatherpro Anti-Freeze Coolant
UC Ultra Cool Radiator Additive

Supermarket & C-Store Items

AI American Consumer Products
BO Brooms & Brushes
CA Candles
CL Bleach
CU Styrofoam & Translucent Cups & Plates
DF Durable Aluminum Foil Pans
HB Health & Beauty Products
HS Lucky Hand Sanitizer
LH Disposable Butane Lighters
PA Paper Products - Towels, Tissues & Napkins
PB Panasonic Batteries
PN Penley Straws, Toothpicks & Matches
PT Pest Control Products
RM Laundry Soap/Detergent
RS Bags, Coolers, Plastic Products & Film
SC Scott Paper Shop Towels
SW Sherwin Williams - Air Fresheners, Home Cleaners

Body Shop Supplies

CG Car Groom Body Filler, Fiberglass & Hardener
SP Wet & Dry Sand Paper
T3 3M Roloc Discs & Weatherstrip Adhesive



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Service Chemicals

31 3 in 1 Household Oil
BL Bar’s Leaks Radiator & Block Sealer
BT Brite Touch Primers
CR CRC & Siloo Chemicals
FO Formula 88 & Formula 500 All Purpose Degreasers
GO Go-Jo Hand Cleaner
HA Harris Automotive Spray Paints
JB JB Weld Cold Welding Compound
JE Jetgo Automotive Chemicals
JH Johnsen-Sercon P/S Fluid & DOT 4&5 Brake Fl
KG Krazy Glue Adhesives
KW K & W Trans-X & Specialty Chemicals
LO Lucas Oil Stabilizer & Additives
LV Lava Hand Cleaner
M1 Magmotive Brake Fluid & Hand Cleaner
M3 M30 Hand Cleaner
MA Marvel Mystery Oil, Gas Treat., Air Tool Oil
MN Mechanics Brand Flat Fix, Honda P/S Fluid. etc
P2 PB Blaster Penetrating Lubricant
PC Permatex Chemicals, Adhesives & Silicones
PK Plasti-Kote Vinyl Spray Paints
PS Proseal Chemicals, Adhesives & Silicones
QS Quality Supreme Oil, ATF, Brake & P/S Fluid
QU Qualco Muffler Repair Products
RE Refrigerant Gases, Oils, Tools & Accessories
RI Rislone Engine Treatment
SG Solder Seal Gunk Automotive Chemicals
ST STP Chemicals
SW Sherwin Williams Home & Auto Chemicals
WD WD-40
WE Weldit Master Silver Radiator Stop Leak
XC Automotive Chemicals

Oil & Lubricants

AO Amalie Motor Oils
CS Castrol Motor Oils
CV Chevron Motor Oils
MB Mobil Motor Oils
MY Mystic Synthetic & Lithium Greases
OD Oil Dri All Purpose Floor Absorbent
SH Shell Motor Oils & Antifreeze
VT Value Tech Motor Oils
WA Warren Hydraulic & Gear Oils, Mineral Spirits, D40w
WH Wolf's Head Motor Oils
XC Xcel Motor Oils

Automotive Parts

AC AC Spark Plugs
AD Aldor Hot Spark Plugs
AM Armor Mark Serpentine & V-Belts
AN Anco Wiper Blades & Refills
BK Brake Wheel Cylinder Cups
CM Champion Lawn & Garden Spark Plugs
CT Steel Cotter Pins
DP Drain Plugs for Oil Pans
FL Wagner Flashers
FT Magmotive Oil Filters
G1 Group 7 Air Filters by Purolator
G2 Group 7 Oil Filters by Purolator
GM GMB Universal Joints
HC Tridon Hose Clamps
HP Rubber Heater Plugs
L1 Lighting: Halogen Capsules & Bulbs
L2 Lighting: Import Miniatures / Rough Service
L3 Lighting: Wagner Sealed Beams
LI Littlefuse Automotive Fuses
MC Motorcraft Spark Plugs
MS Misc. Assortments - Ties, Couplings, Clips
MT Mac Batteries
NF Non-Fouler Spark Plug Adapters
NG NGK Spark Plugs
PH Perma Brake Pads
PI Pico Connectors, Speaker & Primary Wire
PL Pylon Wiper Blades & Refills
TI Thermoid Fuel, Vacuum & Heater Hose
WN Window Lift Motors & Gears
PU Steel & Rubber Expansion Plugs